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Stuttering problem when playing in hi resulation

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Disable battery optimization for Poweramp (and Poweramp Unlocker if you have it - or uninstall Unlocker). On Color Os it's under system Settings / Battery / App battery management / Poweramp - Allow background activity - CHECK.

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"skip songs for nano second" ?

Not sure how you can hear a billionth of a second, I don't think even high-res audio can resolve that small... :)

When you say it 'skips' a song, do you mean it seems to start to play a song and then fails / moves on to the next track? If so is there any on-screen error message? Does it happen when the screen is on, or only while the device is asleep? It could be a file system access issue, are you using SD Card or Internal storage? A log might help confirm, so when it happens again try Settings > Get Support > Send Log and email it to gpmaxmpz @ gmail . com.


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