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Divider lines in lists


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After a good period of adjusting UI options to my liking in Poweramp 3 there is one thing that seems to be missing compared to the previous version (or I may have overlooked it): The diving lines when viewing lists.

Poweramp 2 had these and imho they made the library seem much more organised. Here's an example:


Has the option to have these disappeared altogether or are there specific skins that might fix this small issue?

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That would indeed be skinable.

I guess one of the things that the updated Material Design concept within Poweramp v3 brought was Google's cleaner minimalist 'flat' look to the overall interface, which generally means less lines, boxes and other skeuomorphic elements than before, and more large expanses of single tones. Windows did the same as they moved from Windows 7, through 8, to 10.


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