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My music keeps disappearing from USB-stick


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Hi all,

I have a Android 8.1 Head Unit in my car with a 1TB USB-stick connected via a USB-OTG cable.

I have roughly 150 GB of music. When I copy-paste all my music to the USB stick and plugs it into my head unit, it all shows up.

But after playing music for a while, I often switch back to other sources (FM, DAB, Internet Radio).

Next time I open Poweramp, most of the music has disappeared. Tried normal scan, full rescan but to no avail.

Plugging the USB stick into my computer, most of my sub-folders (artists) are empty.

Can anyone explain what is going on? Thanks in advnace

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Sounds like something in your head-unit is corrupting the SD Card. PA itself can't delete files from the physical media without you asking (and there is a confirmation prompt so it can't happen by accident).

You could try doing a clean re-format of the card and copying everything back to it, and then see if it happens again. Is there any pattern to what vanishes (whole folders, files only, etc)? 


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I've tried formatting a few times already. It simply empties folders starten backwards in the alphabet. The folders (artists names) are still there, but they are empty. The files (songs) are not completely deleted, because the space on the stick is still used, but I can't see or play them.

This time, I have 16 GB out of 115 GB where I can see artist, album and song titles and play the music.

Would it maybe help, if I marked all tunes as write protected?? Could it be a faulty stick (cheap China stick from Wish)??

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I started thinking about wish when I read your first paragraph... I ordered a "to cheap to be true" 1TB USB flash memory from Wish a year ago just in order to see what it's all about, knowing that I could always re-fund it. The "scam" is that these are programed to present them self as 1TB HW devices and so is the filesystem on them. The actual HW capacity of my memory stick was ~32GB, it worked fine until I hit this, after that it started to perform erratic... Formatting didn't work reliably until I created a partition smaller than 32GB... at this point I had enough of the "fun", made a  re-fund request to Wish, got my cash back and recycled the memory.

You will probably see the same missing files e.tc. on the stick if you eject it from the coomputer and re-insert it.

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