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I can't change volume when using headphones. Always max volume


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@IvanV Is this Xiaomi? (Specifically Mi10T Pro?) If so, some early MIUI12 variants have DVC broken, workarounds are:

- Settings / Audio / Misc / Advanced Tweaks / Volume Levels - set to any non-system
 - (optional) also enable Volume Panel there
  - as MIUI12 has broken volume UI, you won't see volume panel when changing volume outside Poweramp
- this workaround works fine with DVC and audio quality is unaffected

- or Disable DVC
  - this reduces headroom and (for deep equalization) requires preamp reduction.

Unfortunately Xiaomi blocks developer options/unlocking for new phones and requires a month wait (they also track your IP/account/country and make it hard to debug in general), so I can't investigate this further now on the affected Mi10TPro. 

Also expect this issue to be fixed with the future MIUI12 updates (Xiaomi fixes such issues quite fast, though the missing volume panel bug is ignored for some reason).

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