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New Upgrade to Galaxy S20 Error message "invalid storage"


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Today Dec. 18 did a system upgrade to my Galaxy S20 and now Poweramp won't recognize my music in internal storage or SD card (card is not and was never "unmounted". The only thing I did differently was to do the upgrade to the phone.  The error message reads:  "Invalid Storage: Please use sidebar in the system dialog to select the target provider plugin."  Obviously I have no idea what this means.  When I select folders where Poweramp can get music from, I have "internal storage" checked off, but it still doesn't read any of the music there.  It doesn't even give an option for the SD card as it would normally--as if the SD card no longer exists for Poweramp. But the songs are all there and playable on other players.  Tried full scan and rescan and didn't help. 

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Ok so suddenly after playing around and clicking off and then on the "permissions" for this app, it suddenly recognized the SD folder again. 

As if the app and the phone needed to touch base a few times.  Not the most technical explanation, but that is what I kept trying, until it finally "stuck".  Went into 

Settings-->Apps-->Poweramp-->permissions  (clickedthe hell out of everything--it keeps going deeper as you click on "see all permissions")  when I returned from that rabbit hole the app recognized my SD card in the "Library" folder of the app.  

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The 10->11 upgrade for Pixel and OnePlus devices happens just fine, but Samsung failed a bit here and extra steps are needed from user (either fix permission in App info screen or re-add folders via new permission in Poweramp Music Folders). It seems it doesn't happen for each Samsung S20 device, but for many. Unfortunately app itself (Poweramp) can't access/change/ or fix permissions on its own.

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