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Change of route in the songs of the playlist.


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Hello Poweramp team,

I have a problem recently I changed my phone and I had to transfer my songs from an SD to the new phone, the problem is that now the playlists in Poweramp do not detect the songs. I guess it's because of the route change. How can i fix it?

Merry Christmas.

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Did you Export your existing playlists to physical files (or were they perhaps already M3U files in the first place) and transfer them over to your new device with your music files? Or are your playlists internal Poweramp lists, which were brought over as part of Google's facility to restore settings from cloud?

The requirement for a match for newly scanned content is that the full filename and the first containing foldername must match. The rest of the directory path is ignored (for exactly the reason you have encountered, root paths change when you transfer to a new device). So for example a playlist entry such as /D454-4FY6/Music/Artists/Meatloaf/Bat Out of Hell/Heaven Can Wait.mp3 would only need to match a filename of  Heaven Can Wait.mp3  contained in a folder called  Bat Out of Hell. The rest of the /D454-4FY6/Music/Artists/Meatloaf path details are ignored for matching purposes.

Assuming your music files do match with the old folder/filename structure, try going into the Library > Playlists category and tap the three-dots menu icon and perform a 'Rescan / Resolve Playlists'. If the first level containing folder names do not match, you will need to edit the M3U/M3U8 files manually (they are plain text) so the contents do match with your new folder names.


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