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I have a hundred different groups. Many of them I have a hundred tracks. But I can't edit tags for many songs at once. So I create a lot of playlists, for example: "Trash Metal", "Alternative", "Death Metal", "80s". Although there is a genre button, but in the tags I have no genres, or they are listed incorrectly. So, I would like to choose several music groups as an example: Metallica, Megadeath, Exodus, Slayer etc. Select edit tags, and specify the genre that will be recorded in the tags of all songs in all groups. The same could be done with albums by selecting several albums of one year, and specify this year there, which will be recorded in all the songs of each of the albums.



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Poweramp is a music player, and although it offers a convenience feature to to do quick updates to a limited number of tags within a single audio file, it is not intended to be used as an all-encompassing tag editor or file manager.

There are some Android apps that can do this, but I would strongly suggest this is a job for a proper batch tag editor on a computer with a larger screen and keyboard/mouse interface. The most commonly used programs are TagScanner and MP3Tag, both of which will do exactly what you want with a lot more flexibility than anything on a phone screen can offer.

Oh, and when you define your new Genre tags, Poweramp now recognises separators to create multiple genre names within one tag, so for example you could see a track in the "Alternative Rock" genre and "Metal" at the same time. The default separator characters to use are ";" or "//" but you can define your own in PA Settings > Library > Scanner.


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