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Poweramp button does not work from quick drop down menu


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Android version:10

Device:One Plus 6t

Poweramp version: v3 build 882(latest from Google Play)

I cannot click Poweramp button which is available in quick drop-down window. If I press that button it takes me to the player but it does not respond to play or pause clicks. Please refer snapshot for the same 


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23 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

I suspect it might be a device-dependent issue, as on my Samsung A70 (also Android 10) that button responds instantly, and it changes state immediately as the music starts or stops. It does not launch or bring-forward the player screen though, it's not meant to.


I actually tested it more. The only problem that I am seeing is button is bit sluggish and it does not change the state of the button wrt play/pause.

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Is it within few minutes after reboot? On reboot, Android specifically delays all non-essential intent broadcasts in the system (probably, sort of optimization), that means the button starts to work after that initial post-boot time window. The window is short on Pixel devices (30sec) and longer on the "optimized" ROMs.

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@Pankajk5 Technically, the button is an icon and (as simple as it can be) intent (== link to app). That link opens Poweramp. There is just nothing to tweak/fix or adjust in this. It does work on my tested devices which are usually on latest available OTAs and few old devices on the LineageOS and other derivatives. There is that time window after reboot when 3rd party intents are not processed (15-30 seconds on Pixels and AOSP ROMs, up to few minutes on "optimized" Chinese ROMs).

Also Chinese ROMs (MIUI, EMUI and similar) may add additional limitations, such as "background" start, auto start, etc. Those can block button as well.

To help investigate, if your device have Bug Report option in Developer Settings, sending such report (Full Report). It will take few minutes, then notification about Bug report appears, allowing sharing it e.g. via email (gpmaxmpz@gmail.com). This should be done immediately after you tried the button.


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