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EQ presets to be saved for album even when listening to playlists?


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Let me explain my situation; I have tons of albums on my Poweramp, however, I usually listen to them on playlists (like All songs or created playlists). When listening to an album and you want to change EQ for all its songs it's very easy, because it's in the choices when you save an EQ for any of its songs.

However, when listening to playlists, and you want to change the EQ of the song you're listening to, you can do it and save it - but you can't do it for its whole album, only its playlist. Why this is so important to me: Many of my albums play at different volumes, so it's a huge pain in the ass to lower the volume or raise after every song, and with EQ you can save a particular volume so all songs would be leveled. But since one album usually has one particular volume level, it would be extremely useful if you could save EQ for the whole album even from the playlist.

So I ask - would this be hard to add? Basically when you save EQ for the song in a playlist, could there be a choice for "album"? Please, if it's easy to do, it would be EXTREMELY useful for me.

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