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Auto update tag info

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Hi Max,

Is it possible to integrate Poweramp with Shazam or SoundHound or any similar app/plugin so it can detect the tag info and auto correct tags for tracks with incomplete information like "Unknown album", "Unknown artist", and "track xx"???

This can hugely save a lot of effort on correcting tag info and can also help in accurate album art and lyrics download.

Thanks in advance.

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This post goes out to all you people grumbling about hiding album tag, or mass editing tags or stuck with a 1000 track collection of which 900 tracks have unknown album in the place of album tag or Poweramp downloading wrong album art or a variety of other situations....

"The solution mentioned above is the answer"

Please support this. You wouldn't have to bother about tagging again.

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There just seems to be no proper solution to this topic...

I to today have found only to applications for PC/mac. MusicBrainz Picard, which in the last month has become somewhat unresposive... and then the TuneUp addin for itunes or media player, which is regardless of the very large base it has behind it very inaccurate...

Even though i searched a lot of this topic i did not even catch what are all the solutions and databases that are avaible for that in the world... Because soundhound/shazam are both getting different resulst...

For now i recommend Picard for automatic tagging, or soundhound for manual :>

If that would be implemented in any player and it would get really god results that would really be it. BIG TIME.

but as far as i learned the databases are payable.

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