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Am I allowed to be stupid here? I hope so.
I own Sony WH-1000XM3 and two smartphones. Both same setting in dev options and in Poweramp options. 
I aim to achieve best quality from setup I have.
I have two devices, despite having same setting, the output is different.
I'm total amateur, I'm not into music settings. I hope you can explain me how to achieve best quality. In simple words - I assume it's better to achieve 32bit than 24bit. Am I right?

Problem: despite having both same setups on both devices, the output is different. What's more: the 32bit output device is over 2 years old, the 24bit output device had a premiere this month. Despite my efforts, I can't make the output to 32bit. 
What causes this problem and how to fix this?
Thanks in advance!



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Some devices lock their bitrates to specific frequency settings, which might be what you are seeing - e.g. 192kHz output forces 24-bit, while 384kHz forces 32-bit.

To be honest though, 32-bit is little more than an audio marketing gimmick. Even 24-bit gives you the dynamic range of silence up to a hearing-damaging 144dB (louder than being next to a jet aircraft during take-off). See https://www.mojo-audio.com/blog/the-24bit-delusion/


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