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More Columns in Grid View (to display more albums at once)

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First off, I would just like to say that Poweramp is the most complete and best-looking mobile music player I have ever used. I have used it for about a year now, and I like it better than Zune, Sansa, any other Android music player, and needless to say the iPhone/iPod's limited and extremely overrated players.

The introduction of Grid View in Poweramp 2.0 is great, but I wish it would display more albums at once. On a fundamental level, displaying album art is much easier to recognize than displaying text - if you know your album covers as well as I do. But in my case, Grid View becomes difficult to use with 160+ albums and only two columns. Currently I can display six albums at once on my 4" Samsung Captivate screen (with my 'LCD density' set to 165, as opposed to the supremely oversized Samsung default of 240).

I am suggesting a 3, 4, or even 5 column view which would roughly allow me to display 12-25 albums on the screen at once. I can already hear everybody screaming, "No, the album art thumbnails will be way too small!" But think about it. If I can scroll through 160 albums with a single flick of my finger, not only does it look cool, but most importantly it is functional. As Android users, we are already used to it - it would be like an App Drawer for our music player!

I realize it's easy for us as users to come up with a million different features we all want, but if you at least consider an expanded Grid View, consider me a happy user.

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I can't believe nobody else has commented on this since Nov 2011!


I have 277 albums and prefer to scan through by looking through albums in the grid view.  This can be time consuming when there are many ablums in the library.  An option to display more than 2 columns in portrait mode maybe up to 4 would be great.


Note that DoubleTwist is able to display 3 columns.

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