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Ghost library from previous device


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Hi there lads, 

today I got a new phone and new SD card. When I installed Poweramp a library from previous device was listed in the app, I tried adding new music to the SD card and listing it beside the 'ghost' one, then I tried deleting the 'ghost' with no avail - it gets deleted but in split second reappears with 'failed, non-deleted items will reappear'. The app has permission to storage. I tried to fiddle with settings a bit but nothing came out of it. PA is deleted from previous device, I did reinstall it on the new phone (along with unlocker)  a few times and even did a reset of the phone.  
Also when I try to play a song from the 'ghost' it says:  'Failed to play, storage unmounted'

I do have the 'Pro' version, so I wonder if there is some back-up server for library items? (yet I highly doubt it since there were three folders with music in my last device and only one became 'ghost' in the new phone) 

I want to try my luck here to see if anyone had the same issue before posting in the bug report forum...


Thanks for any advice

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