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Some questions about audio settings

John Titor

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First of all, sorry if these questions have been asked before. I checked the FAQ but couldn't find them.

1: My Hi-res output variant is Direct HD (Can be seen in audio info if you have enabled Hi-res output). So what does it mean?

2: And about resampling settings. I enabled SOX Resampler because is of a high quality resampler according to Poweramp. I see the frequency cutoff ratio is 97%. What happens if I increase it? I checked and it seems the maximum is 99%. I couldn't feel any difference to be frank.

3: can someone explain the Dither options?

4: and lastly, what are those flags in audio info? Are they enabled or do I need to enable them?


I would definitely appreciate if someone could explain these two me. I am kind of an audiophile but certainly not well versed in this subject. 


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