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Poweramp repeat catagory question


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Well I would like to know if there is Solution. When I put a single 60 minute song in playlist and set the catagory on repeat the song does not repeat from "zero seconds" it starts playing from 16 minute mark to the end after that it always repeat from 16 minute mark.

This happens in single file of playlist when it's on repeat catagory but when in play the same single 60 minute file by "repeat song" it plays from 0 seconds to 60.

Thanks for reading this long narration

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There are a number of options in PA that provide the facility to start playing a track from where it was last left off. I suspect you have one of the following enabled:

  • Settings > Library > Store/Restore Per Track Progress.   This is a global feature and is duration-based so it only affects longer tracks. You can set your own threshold length to control when it should be triggered.
  • Library Category songs List > three-dots-menu > List Options > Per Track Progress.   This is only available in certain categories, such as Folders or Playlists, and is set locally for that specific folder/playlist/etc ONLY. It will affect all tracks within that folder/playlist/etc, regardless of their duration.
  • Bookmarks: When listening to any song you can long-press on the cover artwork area (or use the three-dots menu icon) and choose 'Bookmark' to manually save the current playback position.  This one won't be restored automatically though, you need to go to Library > Bookmarks to restart playback at the saved position.


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