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@Edgie70 The YTM currently have a bug when they close equalizer session and don't report new one on track change. (Usually happens when track with video is changed to track w/o video or vice versa). This is specifically noted for YTM in Poweramp Equalizer.

Obviously YTM guys don't test their player with any equalizer, please report this issue within YTM app.

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Just installed the Poweramp Equalizer app and so far it has been working good on my LG G7 which is on Stock Android 9. Exported my settings from the audio player to the equalizer and it's done, just like that.

The only problem until now is the volume. This doesn't happen with the audio player but only with the equalizer: the LG G7 has a system default of 75 volume steps (when Quad DAC is on). When I'm not on the equalizer app UI, so like on home screen, other app, here writing this, the volume steps work fine, it goes with jumps of 1. When I am on the equalizer UI, the volume goes with jumps of 5, essentially reducing the volume to only 15 steps, with a very big volume difference from one another.

Another thing I noticed is, differently from the audio player, the equalizer app does seem to be fine with DVC, actually deactivating DVC reduces the output volume considerably. That behavior is opposite to the audio player which gets sketchy when DVC is on and is amazing when DVC is off for the hi-res output. I've only been listening for a few minutes and it's not really very good material to test quality, but it is sounding nice anyway. Is the equalizer app using the hi-res audio output or just the standard open sl output? 

And the last thing is a question, about the reverb. Is it going to appear on the equalizer app anytime soon? Or it's not being considered at all? I do like the reverb capabilities from Poweramp, and I do think it would be good to be on the equalizer app...

Also, the new UI with the color on the bars and knobs is pretty good!

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