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Lower volume than usual on S8+ @ pie


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I have a Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955U) running Android Pie with the stock One UI rom

i'm currently running Poweramp build: 884

Using the wired output (3.5mm) 

i've noticed that the volume while using Poweramp is lower than using another player like Samsung Music or Google Play music, so I have to raise the volume causing distortion due to my EQ an tone settings (seems like dvc isn't enabled). So I found  a workaround on the forum which consists of using the build 820 which brings things back to normal, but because that build precedes Android Pie it's barely functional on Pie.

I downloaded the latest version bc i'm tired of that workaround but i find that the issue persists even if i just use the OpenSL output and reset my output settings after re-installing. (I attach my audio info)

is there any fix for this issue? I appreciate any help you can give me


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If the same thing occurs with all output methods, do you have ReplayGain enabled? By default that will reduce the overall gain of any tracks which peak at 100% digital levels. The spec RG target is -14dB from digital maximum, to allow plenty of headroom for post-processing. Try turning RG off, and also reset the EQ values to defaults and see if that increases the overall output level. If it does, you can then try adjusting the RG or EQ preamp settings, but if you do want to apply any major EQ boosts then don't go too far or you might introduce clipping distortion. 


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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I don't use RG but I tested all the outputs and the issue persists even if I set the EQ to default and disable RG, and btw the sound also seems to be going through Samsung's soundalive EQ.

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