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Recognizes 128 SD card but scans no song


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I bought a 128GB samsung SD card less than a month however after I tried using Poweramp the app sees the sd card, it displays the folders in it, but when I send scan it simply finds no songs, but it does finds audio devices in the internal storage.

As you can see by the screenshots, everything is apparently set, so I really wanted to know why the heck the app simply refuses to see the songs that are on the media even tho the media is not corrupted and the app does recognizes the media, wth.


Screenshot_20201027-115047_My Files.jpg


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I suspect you have not allowed access for the SD Card - you are using Android 10 or 11, I presume?

Try uninstalling PA and then cleanly re-install it. When you first try to look for the music folder locations, enable 'Allow Access' permissions at the root level of the SD Card before you start trying to choose the specific subfolders.


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