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Poweramp won't take focus from radio on Android HU

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I'm having some strange audio focus issues with Poweramp and the stock FM radio app on my Android head unit.  Other music players do not have these issues, but I would prefer to use Poweramp. 

  1. When playing the radio, if I try to play something in Poweramp, the radio keeps playing.  Poweramp looks like it is playing but will not take the audio focus from the stock radio app.  I can open the radio app and exit out so that it stops playing, then open PA and it will play fine.  
  2. If playing something in PA and I open the radio, audio focus changes to the radio correctly, but PA doesn't actually pause the song (even though I can't hear it).  It will still move through the playlist and update the widget.
  3. Sometimes, when playing in PA, focus will just randomly change back to the radio.  This could be something that the radio app or HU is doing, but it doesn't happen with other players. 

The HU is supposed to be Android 10, but I suspect it may actually be 9.  It is PX6, Rockchip RK3399, and MCU firmware is STM32-based. 

Are there any settings in PA that may help?

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