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Control Volume via Car launcher


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This question is about integration of Poweramp to a car launcher.

I have a Dasaita Max6 and installed Agama launcher and Poweramp music player. This is in my car and not on a smart phone.
The launcher has pause ,play etc on the middle bottom and volume up and down in the middle close to the top of the front screen. i'd love to use the front screen volume to control volume when [Poweramp runs in the background.
i don't quite understand this paragraph in the manual;

Note: AGAMA can only adjust Android system volume. Unfortunately, many head units have their own external amplifier, the volume of which is not connected with Android and is regulated only through the MCU (handles or buttons on the device itself). In this case, AGAMA cannot control the volume of the MCU and control will only be possible in the ways provided by the device manufacturers.

Am I going to be able to use the front screen vol to control Poweramp ?

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