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App can't see/add music


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How I got to this point: I installed the trial version, realized after a couple of days I like it, so I purchased the full version from Google. I didn't realize what I was installing was a separate app to unlock the trial version, so I deleted the trial version (saving app data), then realized the mistake. Reinstalled the trial version, seemed to be unlocked upon launch, library was empty, I go to Settings->Library->Folders Selection, select 'Enable' on the folder I want to use, click 'Select Folders', and nothing happens. I click 'Rescan' and it finds zero files. I click 'Full Rescan' and it finds zero files. 

Any ideas what to try next?

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What device / Android version / storage method are you using?

When you say you saved app data, was this by using Poweramp's Export Settings feature, or Google/Android's restore data from cloud action, or via an external process like Titanium Backup?

I would suggest you start from a clean install anyway now: remove both the Trial app and the unlocker, then re-install the app and unlocker again, and don't allow data to be restored (or clear app data in Android settings to be sure). By default PA should find most local folders for you, but I always prefer to use Settings > Library > Music Folders to make sure that only the content which I specifically want is scanned. A Full Rescan should not be needed at that point, but it won't do any harm.

Might also be worth have a look at:


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