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Folder List Options Per-Track Progress setting 'sticks' when changing to Shuffle All mode


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If you are listening to a track from a folder that has List Options > Per-Track Progress enabled and you tap on the Shuffle icon to change playback to 'Shuffle All 'mode, the Per-Track Progress setting remains active for every subsequent song played in the session.

I noticed this when I was listening to a podcast last night (which was in a folder with Per-Track Progress enabled) and I tapped on the icon to enable Shuffle All mode. When I started listening to subsequent songs, one song (which must have been previously part-played) started half-way through. I further tested this by listening to 15 seconds of a song, skipping forward to the next song and then back again, and the earlier song re-started at 15 seconds. If I started the shuffle session with a song in a folder which did not have Per-Track Progress enabled, this problem did not occur and all songs started correctly at the beginning. The duration-based global Per-Track Progress setting was turned off by the way, and these were short songs anyway. 


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