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[Output] Use Oboe output in Poweramp

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Any reason Poweramp is not taking advantage of the new open source Oboe audio output for Android by Google? 

I looked at output settings but I only found OpenSL ES, AudioTrack, Hi-res output option. I could not find any option to switch to AAudio output.

AAudio output API was developed for newer devices (Android 8+) some time ago and it improves the performance.


They have also launched Oboe, an audio API for low latency output.

> Oboe takes advantage of the improved performance and features of AAudio on Oreo MR1 (API 27+) whilst maintaining backward compatibility (using OpenSL ES) on API 16+.

Quoted from https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2018/10/introducing-oboe-c-library-for-low.html

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