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Saved EQ presets play on wrong devices


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Do I have to select the EQ preset myself when a device is attached?

Ex: When on headphones, turn on EQ (First pic), but when in my car, make sure it's turned off?

I'm going on the assumption that PA will recognize the device in use and it will automatically select the correct eq preset with no input from me.

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I've just done some tests, and presets saved for a specific BT headset do seem to behave exactly as expected (for me at least):

  • I started by deleting any saved device presets, to give a clean slate.
  • Connect my BT Parrot Zik headphones, adjust the EQ sliders as needed, and Save it as an EQ preset named 'Zik' for that device only (i.e. with Bluetooth selector box unticked, and the Parrot Zik box ticked).
  • Turn the headphones off, and manually change the EQ values back to flat.
  • Connect the same headphones again and PA detects them and automatically switches to the previously assigned 'Zik' EQ profile.
  • Disconnect the headphones again and PA reverts to flat.
  • Connect to a different BT device, or wired headset, etc. PA still remains flat.
  • Connect the Parrot Zik headphones again and PA detects and automatically switches to the 'Zik' EQ settings.
  • Disconnect the headphones again and PA reverts to flat.

I tried this process multiple times in varying combinations and it worked correctly every time.

By the way, as a bonus I found you can connect two bluetooth devices at the same time, and listen to them both simultaneously! I didn't know you could do that.


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8 minutes ago, Naveen P Nair said:

I have this same issue, I need the EQ preset only for Bluetooth devices but it's also applying for wired headphones too even though it's unchecked.

Have you got a saved preset for Wired Headset, as that should activate whenever you disconnect Bluetooth and plug in a wired headset.


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