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When watching Instagram stories with sounds, music stops incorrectly


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If you are watching stories on Instagram and there are 2 in a raw with sound, Powerarm pauses the execution of music, like it's supposed to, but when you skip to the next story, the music restarts over the story sounds, which you won't be able to hear.
With other players like PlayerPro this works correctly, the music stays paused until you have finished looking at stories with sounds.
My guess is that Instagram sends a "resume music" event quickly followed by another "pause music" event when passing between 2 stories, and Poweramp just ignores the second one, probably because it still hasn't responded to the first or something like that.

  • Poweramp v3-884 (playstore, beta, up to date)
  • Samsung S10
  • Android 10
  • One UI 2.1
  • Open Instagram, find a user with 2 stories that have sounds in a row, play them next to each other

Note that the problem has happened for like a year, it always had it.

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Once my speakers broke down, but I thought it was Instagram. Therefore, for a long time, I could not understand what the matter was.  But then I went to the service center, and the reason for the problem was explained to me. It turned out that the contact of some wires was coming off.
Everything was fixed, and I could continue to sit quietly on Instagram. Since that time, I have even increased the number of subscribers, thanks to famoid.com. Very convenient service.
It's worth saying that the speakers have been with me for several years, so it's not surprising that they started to mess up a little.

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