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Would like a way to create a play list for a specific folder and play in the order of least played.

I understand the logic issue with a playlist of least played, since once a song is played it now has an additional count, and could cause the play list to re-org and have to recalculate after each song.

My thoughts on this are when the play list is selected it calculates, and runs that play list static until the next time the playlist is accessed.  This would also re-calculate any new files added to the directory since the last run.

I used to use PlayerPro and it had this ability, but it had other issues that made me finally switch out.  This is really the only feature I am missing from the previous player.

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  1. Long Press on the folder that you want to use (or multi select for several folders) and tap "+ Playlist" and give it a name.
  2. Open the new playlist to view it in the Library Playlists category, tap the three-dots menu icon, and choose Re-sort  > by Play Count. You can also tick the 'Reverse' box if you want to hear least-played first.

If the play count adjusts significantly over time as you play tracks, just repeat step 2 to refresh the order.


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