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Not producing audio on Chromecast audio device(Vizio Sound bar)


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Poweramp(v3-883) on Galaxy A20 Android 10 having issue with audio when music is being cast to Vizio Soundbar Audio cast. No sound comes from the Soundbar. This is only happening with audio cast because it works fine with Bravia Chromecast. Also this issue doesn't persist if Samsung's SmartView is used.

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My Poweramp cast from my phone to my Chomecast connected to my television yesterday.  Today, there was no sound.  I rebooted the soundbar with no change.

If I cast from Poweramp to my Chromecast connected to the television, there is album art, but no sound.  If I turn the soundbar off and on, the sound plays.

If I try to cast to just the Sound Bar, nothing happens.  If I use Google Home to cast my phone audio to my Soundbar while playing Poweramp, I can hear the music.

Casting seems to be working fine from all devices and other apps.  (YouTube on phone, Chrome on PC)



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