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How to play first song after last song in a list?


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After playing the last song in any playlist/library list, Poweramp says list finished and player stops.

• I expect it to play the first song after the last since shuffle is off.

• Pressing next button also not work after completion of last track.

Library - Queue - On Queue End -> Stay in Queue/Repeat Queue isn't working as expected.

Is there any settings to get these two options?

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I suspect you have turned Repeat off. By default is it set to 'Advance Category' - which means that playback will simply advance onward and continue to play the next category/list after the final track of the current one is complete - but if you have changed it to 'Off' then PA will stop at the end of the last song of the current category. Tap the Repeat icon in the Player screen to adjust it to 'Repeat Category' which will start the current category again after the last song has played. Note: 'Category' in PA's terms is just a term meaning your currently playing album, folder, artist, genre, playlist, etc. 

What are you expecting Library > Queue > On Queue End > "Stay in Queue/Repeat Queue" to do? By default, when Poweramp finishes playing a set of queued tracks it will return to regular playback, going back to the track that would normally have been played before you launched the temporary queue. If you enable the 'Stay in Queue/Repeat Queue' mode it will not exit the queue after completion but instead will stay in the queue and respect the Repeat setting - so PA will either stop at the end of the queue (if 'Repeat Off' mode is set) or start the queue again (if ''Repeat Category' is set). With that mode enabled, It will also mean that when that temporary queue finishes, the Next Track button has no effect as it is already at the end of all tracks that have been requested, and you have set an option to say that PA should not leave the Queue. [ Hmm, @maxmp , perhaps pressing the Next button after the queue has finished should act to exit the queue and return to regular playback, even when the 'Stay in Queue' feature is enabled? ]


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Thanks for the detailed reply.

I misunderstood the  On Queue End option. 

What I'm trying to achieve is, I've 7 streaming URLs. While Playing 7th one, I can't goto 1 st URL by pressing next button or swiping on cover photo.

The  Repeat Catagory you suggested is helpful. I was able to play first song from last song (vice versa) with next button on the notification panel. However player screen still says No Next Catagory.

I'm okay with current settings, but wish developer will take a look on it to improve the user experience.


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1 hour ago, abhishekabhi789 said:

What I'm trying to achieve is, I've 7 streaming URLs. While Playing 7th one, I can't goto 1 st URL by pressing next button or swiping on cover photo.

Works fine for me. For example I've got eleven BBC Radio streaming stations saved in one 'BBC Radio Streams' playlist. When Repeat mode is set to 'Repeat Category', the >> button wraps around at the end of the eleven and goes back to the first item again. And with Repeat set to 'Off', the << and >> buttons move on to the preceding or next playlists. This is the content of my BBC Radio Streams.m3u playlist file:


Streams aren't really treated like regular songs as such anyway. They are a bit of a one-off oddity in that they never really finish on their own, they just keep on playing forever, so concepts like proceeding to the 'next track' or 'previous track', or shuffle or repeat, are pretty much meaningless.


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@maxmp This thread reminded me again that new users do to seem to continue to have issues with the 'Advance Category' terminology, making the Repeat options a fairly regular source of confusion.

Have you had a chance to think any further on my suggestion to simplify the Repeat choices to make the wording more logical and user-friendly? My suggestion was to replace the current slightly mixed terminology with more consistent and intuitive wording:

Play One SongPlay CategoryPlay All | Repeat One Song | Repeat Category | Repeat All

This would also fix the issue that when using Advance Category, some library categories - such as Folders and Albums - return to the start after their final song and continue playback again (aka my 'Repeat All'), while some categories - e.g. All Songs - finish playback at the end (aka my 'Play All').


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I don't use the pro button feature, so there's no on screen next/previous button right now.

After enabling this option I found,  next/previous bottons works by going to first and last songs as i expected. However still swiping on album cover won't play like that. They show No Next Catagory. 

I'm not only facing this with streams, also with music files in my phone.

Please try reproducing the issue by,

1) Disable Pro Buttons.

2) Play first or last song from any playlist or music catagory from library.

3) Try go to first song or last song by using swipe action on album cover. (This action says No Next Catagory on my phone)


I think the swipe action also does the same action to next/previous buttons. Here it's not working.

Thanks for testing.

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The swipe action for Next (or Previous) Category - which only exists if you are already at the last (or first) song within the current category - needs to be a slightly exaggerated movement, a more emphatic wider swipe. If you are not at the last/first track, the swipe function is always used for track changing.

Personally I prefer using Pro Buttons as they provide the <<< or >>> category feature at any time, not just when you are at the first or last track. And they act separately from the track change buttons ( << and >> ), which are the ones you would use final track in a category back to the first track (when in Repeat Category mode).

It would be simpler if there were distinctly separate swipe gestures for Track change (left/right) and Category change (up/down), as there used to be in Poweramp v2, but the current combined operation doesn't provide quite the same gesture functionality as four separate buttons can.


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