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Audio Focus - options explained


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Hi, long time supporter here who needs a little help...

I'm having difficulty understanding the AUDIO FOCUS options, what each do and what they affect:

- Short Audio Focus Change / Calls

- Duck Volume

- Permanent Audio Focus Change


It's also not quite clear if selecting the toggle for each option turns that feature on or off?

I looked under FAQ, but the topic isn't mentioned. Nor does searching  for AUDIO FOCUS bring any results either.

Basically what I'm trying to do is prevent notifications from interrupting music playback, except for phone calls and navigation.

Thanks :)

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Short Audio Focus Change / Calls : Enable this option to pause playback during brief audio interruptions, after which PA would normally resume playback. This is for things like notification tones, navigation messages, phone calls, etc.

Duck Volume : Instead of pausing during brief notifications/navigation messages/etc, enabling this option reduces PA's playback volume during the interruption and raises it again afterwards.

Permanent Audio Focus Change : If another app starts using audio output (YouTube, another audio player, etc), PA will stop playback. PA does not resume playback after this sort of interruption. 

There are other controls which further adjust the above behaviour - for example you can still pause for phone calls even if other Short Audio Focus Changes are disabled.


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