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Chromecast Audio Cutting Out With Speaker Group


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When casting to a speaker group (4 speakers), the audio continuously cuts out. The weird part is I did not have the issue before, but it has started happening. 

When I cast using my desktop or another app like spotify there is no issues. 

Increasing the buffer size has not helped.

When I cast to a single speaker, instead of the speaker group, I do not have the issue. 

I really love Poweramp and have been using it for years, and as such I really do not want to have to move to another music app to be able to properly cast my music. Any advice? Is there a pending update that will fix this issue? Thanks

Android 10 - Oxygen OS 10.5.13.IN11AA
Model - IN2020 (one plus 8 pro)
Poweramp Version - v3 build 882 (882004-437be2ab)

Really hoping we can figure out the issue and resolve it, as I have had it happen twice so far

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Had the same issue today, tried using GoneMad, even paid for the full version, but its lacking too many things Poweramp has.

Poweramp has a much better UI, plus I can control individual speaker volumes and already have all the settings setup exactly how I like it. 

Is it possible to make a donation or something to have this issue prioritized and looked into? I know other people are having the same issue so its not only me. 

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