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Help the Ignorant Please


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Please help?  Honestly, this is the second time I've been to this site and even if the resolution is in front of me on the screen after I attempt to search for it, the various ways everyone describes the same problem twists my brain in knots making it difficult to pinpoint which issue is like mine  🤕   My problems are below....any help greatly appreciated!

- when I get into my vehicle PA volume ALWAYS is at 60% and I have to turn in back up to the volume I want via my phone.  I get out of my vehicle after a short trip and don't enter my vehicle until the next day....Next day, same problem.....help!!!

- when I get into my vehicle, PA has reset to shuffle, starting at the same song every time instead of continuing where I left off the day before.  When I look at the PA screen I attempt to turn shuffle off and try to choose the ------> setting to simply go to each next new track in the folder but shuffle continues.

- recently hearing a little popping sound in my speakers even when the volume is low....of course speakers will "clip" when the volume is too high but in this case the volume is low and I'm hearing the popping sound...just one pop...no series of pops...and it's very random...one day I may never hear it all.


I drive a 2018 Toyota Tacoma and I'm about to install a new model Pioneer head unit (2660NEX).  My PA version is v3 -build-882-arm64-play [882004-437be2ab] ....Using a Samsung 8 Edge.

I would really appreciate your help  😣

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1) It's most likely the Android volume that's at 60%, not PA. I used to find the same thing often happened on my phone when it connected to BT or Android Auto. I set up an automated task to set the level to 100%, which is what my car-head unit works best with. Samsung's Bixby Routines can do that rather well (I use "If BT Device Connected = My Hyundai, then Media Volume BT Audio = 100%") but there are other apps that do the same thing.

2) If you launch PA after a while of not playing, it should still remember where it was before you left off, and it should also remember the Shuffle mode. The ---> icon (aka "Advance Category") is a Repeat setting, not a Shuffle setting, and it means continue playing all of the categories rather than stopping at the end of the current album/folder/etc. Do you have anything in the temporary Queue perhaps that has not yet finished playing? Look in Library > Queue, and clear it if there is anything still in there. Otherwise, use the right-hand icon in the Player screen to set Shuffle mode to 'Off', and that setting should be retained when you come back to PA later. Which category are you using by the way - Folders, Albums, Playlists?

3) There might be a buffering issue, try going into Settings > Audio > Output > (your output mode) and increasing the buffer value.


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