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Chromecast not working properly anymore

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first of all, many thanks for this awesome player, i enjoy it every day. But a couple of days ago i wanted to use Chromecast again but now i'm having issues while 2 weeks ago everything was working fine. I can cast but the the screen stays black without albumart, Poweramp pauses the music, when i press play nothing happens, swiping to the next song works, volume increase works but if i press play the volume drops again. I have tried this with my current Chromecast 3 Ultra, Chromecast 1 and the built in Chromecast from my Onkyo AV Receiver. Chromecast works perfect with Netflix, Youtube etc... Only Poweramp fails. I also used mp3's without albumart.
TV Screen when casting
Poweramp screen when casting 
Audio Engine 
Android Wife
I have a Samsung Note 9 with Android 10. Then i tried the phone from my wife, a Samsung Galaxy S9+ but with exactly the same results, casting from her phone was also working 2 weeks ago. I've also tried reinstalling the app, tried all the settings, used default settings, clean installs without previous settings etc. I also tried previous Poweramp versions, nothing worked. Then i took my older phone, a Samsung Note 3 with Android 5 and now i can cast to Chromecast again and everything works like it should.
So is there a issue with Android here, the kernel version maybe? I can't remember when i've last updated the phone and if it did update in these last 2 weeks, it's possible but i cant remember sadly. The only thing that i could try is resetting my phone but that's really a big hassle and since Poweramp casting also did not work on my wife's phone i don't think this will be the solution.

  • Poweramp build number: V3-build882-arm64-play
  • your device model: Samsung Note 9 SM-N960F
  • your Android version: 10, see Android Pic
  • Original ROM

I already send logs on August 30th, at 15:20 and an email from thrym.nl but i've uploaded the log.

Regards & thanks for reading


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Netflix and YouTube when streaming to Chromecast work rather differently to PA. With those apps, all your phone does is to tell the Chromecast where on the web the source material is located, and the Chromecast device finds it online and streams the material directly from the internet source. The phone itself doesn't do much once playback has been triggered.

Poweramp on the other hand streams the entire audio data stream using your phone as the source and the Chromecast device plays the data that the phone is sending. This is obviously a far more complex and data-heavy process, and updates to Android for example can definitely have an impact on how well it works.

@maxmp would need to have a look at the logs to see if there's anything obvious in this case, or he may need a fuller ADB-style log to dig deeper.


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I have a faint recall that i've updated the phone in those 2 weeks, it was a very minor update that came rather fast after another update. I did another test with an older Note 4 from my wife with Android 6 on it, installed PA on it and casting worked. The only thing i can do now is just wait for a new PA version i guess... Luckily i have those other phones as spare for my music if i want to cast.


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On my phone it suddenly works again but don't ask me how or how i've done it. But casting on my wife's phone is still having the same issue and i've tried the same settings as on my phone but this did now work. Installed fresh again etc, nothing. The cause is definitely not the Poweramp app but what is...

These 3 topics is the same issue btw:


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Lol... and today casting stopped working again with same issue. No Android update, only some apps that were updated with Google Play. I removed these but this made no difference. I also installed some skins but removal also did not work. Yesterday everything worked.

Why is casting so buggy?

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I give up, casting is just not working on my phone. I did several factory default resets but its not working. I did a complete new install, no restoring previous settings and apps. Also no apps from Samsung, i skipped it all. The only thing after configuring wifi is Google thats installing some updates and default apps but i cant stop that. 

When all this is done, the first thing i did was installing Poweramp. And casting was NOT working. Even after the phone has been totally reset. There is nothing more i can do...

I really hope you can fix this...


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As this is a long thread, which started saying that album art was not showing, and you now say casting does not work at all - could you confirm exactly what happens when you try to cast to a given device? Does it connect but you hear no audio, or gives an error message, etc? And if it is fully repeatable, can you send a logfile of what happens when you try to play via Chromecast? (after it has just failed, go to Settings > Get Support > Send Log)


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It will connect and i can cast but Poweramp immediately stops with playing and stay paused, the screen is black and there is no albumart. When i press play i can see the wave move for a bit but then it falls back to where it started like a very short loop. But there is just no music playing. , swiping to the next song works, the text is correct for the current song and the next song etc on the tv.
This is what i see on the tv: TV Screen when casting
And this is the Poweramp screen: Poweramp screen when casting not much to see here, just that it stops to play.
My wife's phone has the exact same casting problem. I have a Note 9 and she has a S9+.

I've attached the log.



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