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Question about Replay Gain(RG)


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If I activate RG & change the source or change values then turned it off, then the sound quality decreased a lot. Resetting RG settings or audio output settings didn't help. Only way to get back same sound quality I have to reinstall Poweramp. By saying audio quality I mean the volume levels, deep bass clear highs all reduced a lot. 

I know I can increase the gain after activating RG but that only makes it louder nothing else it more like using volume booster.

I have two redmi note 4's & I use  MDR XB 920 headphone I can tell the difference instantly after enabling disabling RG the audio became really bad. But after a fresh install my both device sounds exactly same with same EQ settings

Is this behaviour normal

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ReplayGain does not affect anything to do with EQ controls, it is purely a gain setting. If you have tracks recorded at digital maximum levels then its intended functionality would be to reduce the overall output levels somewhat to allow more headroom for later processing (-14dB from full-scale is the RG spec).

What you might notice is that if you turn RG off after having used it for a while, loud tracks will either seem clipped or limited if you have any EQ boosts set (as they would start over-saturating). But with RG off, and EQ & tone flat, there should be no difference in quality, just volume.


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