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How to make all album art the same


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Hello master minds! Very long time PA user here and I rarely have to do any searches or have any issues. I have done a few preliminary searches and I'm unable to find an answer to my specific question(s). So I hope you guys will be able to help.

1. I want to know if there's a way to designate a specific photo as your album art, but not for just 1 song, but for all songs without having to singly assign to each song. So a mass assignment.

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Do you mean per-album (so you can set all cover art for one album in one go, rather than doing it track by track)? If so, that is already the default operation if you change the cover image for one track of an album - as long as both the Artist and Album Title tags match (I'm not sure if the Album Artist tag is also validated).

If you mean for all songs in your whole collection, all you can do is force the default app icon using Settings > Albums Art > Force Default Image.

@maxmp I don't think that default Zap image is exposed anywhere that users can easily alter is it? Perhaps it might be a nice idea to have a DefaultCoverImage.jpg file in the Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ folder, so the serious tweakers could change it if they want?


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