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Playlists to use with Sleep As Android


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I saved the playlists i created with Poweramp (v3-build-882-arm64-play; Android 10, stock) and i wanted to use one of them with Sleep An Android app

The problem is that it does find the playlists but like they were empty.

I already tried using the Poweramp original path; creating a folder on the root of the phone memory called "Playlists" and saving there; another one inside my music folder; also on the music folder root. Always without success. 

Then i installed JetAudio HD Music Player, created a playlist on the root of my music folder and it worked, even after uninstall the JetAudio. 

Also, it works with DoubleTwist app

I don't know if it has anything to do with Poweramp saving in m3u8 (i'll ask to the developers of Sleep As Android) or anything related directly with Poweramp. 


Can anyone tell me what may be the problem? 



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Poweramp saves its playlists using full path details, using Unicode (UTF-8) text encoding, with .M3U8 extensions. They should be readable by any app which supports that format (it's just a very simple list of filenames with paths).

Could you try loading one of the .M3U8 files that fails in other apps into a text editor, and also one of your playlists that do work for the same song, and post a few lines of text here for comparison?


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There is no difference in the actual content between M3U and M3U8, they both contain the same text in the same format. The latter just has better character-set encoding to allow a wider range of languages to be represented.

The fact that you say the other app find the playlists with .M3U8 extensions, but shows them as empty, means that it is accepting the .M3U8 extender in its scans, so I don't know why it isn't fully reading the text files as UTF-8 is a pretty universal format these days. You could try simply renaming the files to .M3U, or load them into a decent text editor and re-save them as simple old-fashioned 8-bit ASCII files. You can find more information in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U .


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