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Previous/Next buttons jumping to new playlists instead of tracks


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Hi, I'm an old "pro" user and I recently bought a new phone and reinstalled Poweramp on it.

Usually, I listen to my playlists and trying the new phone out, I found a weird behaviour that I can't seem to find a way to fix.

Let's say I started to listen to any playlist. If I click on the Next button, Poweramp jumps to another playlist instead of just going for the next song (or to a random one if shuffle is enabled) on the playlist I'm already in. The same thing happens when a song finishes: it jumps to the some other playlist. Something like this shouldn't even be an issue, I don't think people make playlists to jump between them, BTW.

WHY does this happen? If I choose a playlist, select "shuffle songs" and "repeat list" is pretty clear that I don't want to jump to other things whenever a track ends, or when I hit the next button.

I have the shuffle songs selected and the go to the first song on the list (repeat playlist) selected.

I vaguely remember this being an issue years ago, but I really don't remember how I did fix it. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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So to clarify, if you turn Shuffle and Repeat modes to Off, and start listening to a playlist by simply tapping on the first song in the Library > Playlist view, does the playlist start as expected?

What track counter numbers are shown? It should be "1/nnn", where nnn is the total number of tracks in that playlist. Tapping the >> button (or swiping left on the artwork area) should move to track "2/nnn".

If you tap several times on the small metadata line at the bottom of the screen you should see various information such as the mode ("PLAYLISTS 1/nnn"), the current song's details, the next planned song title in order, etc.


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