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Artists Separated by Semicolon not working properly


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I recently switched several of my artists to using a ; instead of a / to use the multiple artist function on Musicbee.

When I sync my music to Poweramp, only the first artist shows up.


Musicbee: Artist1;Artist2;Artist3

Poweramp: Artist1

I know multiple artists are not supported, but is there a way to get the artists to show up as a single artist without cutting off at the first semicolon?


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What file format? If MP3 (so using ID3 tags) you should see the whole string with semicolons as currently Poweramp does not parse the string at all. If FLAC (so using Vorbis tags) then there may be multiple individual ARTIST tags in the file, and PA will only read the first as it does not yet process multiple artists. 


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