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Last Added bugged when adding something new


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I have added new music to my external sd card where my music is and once more Poweramp somehow f*cked it up... I'm tired of losing all my stats which I listened to cause of this annoying bug. The app I used to put the music on my sd card is AirDroid and it crashed so there were some unready music files but I deleted them instantly. I came in the app and no new title was shown. I forced Poweramp to reread and since then I got this buggy data in my last added songs and can't do anything to delete them. If I try to delete them I get an error and they reappear.

You can see in the screenshots that the tracks are there but this buggy stuff is also there.

I'm using version v3-build-879-arm64-play on a Galaxy S10.



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It looks as though that sync program (or something else) really made a mess of the database, and if even a Full Rescan does not resolve it then I suggest you clear all app data for Poweramp in your Android app settings and let it rebuild everything from scratch. You may want to Export your Settings and any internally-created Playlists first, as those will be lost otherwise.


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