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Shuffle in playlist absolutely horrible

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I have 512 songs in said playlist, Everytime I play the songs I swear it repeats the same 20 over and over for some reason especially my Eminem songs even though I only have like 10 of his songs. I don't understand....I've tried messing with the shuffle settings and it doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling and clearing cache and rebooting. Can anyone please help, not sure what's so hard about shuffling 500+ songs!

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Make sure you don't have Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle turned on.

When you play any list (either via Categories or as a Playlist) and you select Shuffle mode, the entire list is shuffled first before playback begins (except if the above setting is turned on). Of course that will very likely include some tracks that you've heard during a previous shuffled session of the same list (as that's the nature of random) but they won't be in the same order.

When you first start shuffled playback, check to see the song counter starts at 1/512 and gradually counts up to 512/512. If it shows bigger than 1, it hasn't created a new shuffle and is continuing with a previous session. Tap (or long-press) the Shuffle icon to switch it to 'Shuffle Songs' or 'Shuffle Songs/Categories' and it should generate a new randomised order for the current Playlist (starting at 1).


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