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Liv Dark - Poweramp v3 Skin

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Not sure how much of this behavior is under LivDark's control, but here you can see the default Library Icons (gradient multicolor) have been set :


All appears as it should on the top level library view:


And again all appears normal drilling down into the Album Artist category:



However, once 'Hide Icons' has been chosen under Library Icons in LivDark's settings:


Everything looks fine (better than fine, it looks great!) on top level library view:


Bad news, however once I drill down into the Album Artist category:


The Library Icons shown in this category aren't removed or hidden at all.

It changes appropriately according to other options for Library Icons, but once hidden en masse the default icons pops back in, creating a messy look compared to the chosen accent color..

Is there any way for this library icon to be truly hidden from this view? Or at least mandate the White-outline icons or something more monochrome / less distracting be made to display when Hide Icons has been selected?

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