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Playback sometimes stops for no reason.


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Its fine 90% of the time and when its OK its always OK but sometimes I will play a track/playlist etc and then press the screen off button, place the phone down to my side and in a few seconds the playback will stop untill i turn back on the screen.
I will turn back on the screen and it resumes until the screen goes off again and then it pauses again.. repeat ad infinitum.
This has also happened after a few seconds even though the screen is on and the app is not 'in focus' / on-screen. going back to the app resumes playback.

I dont know what is happening to replicate this reliably but i have noticed this... If i power off the screen and then modify the volume level up or down, then it (so far) never happens. and playback  is all fine. This also fixes the issue if it happens.

Playback stops, unlock the screen or return to the app, then go back to home screen or  power off the screen then modify the volume and its all ok.

Im sorry I cant provide more details on how to replicate it. I have all the relevant battery settings configured correctly (allow background run (not auto managed etc))

Huawei P20 Pro
Android V10 -
EMUI Build -
Kernel V4.14.116 -
Security patch Apr 1 2020

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I have very occasionally seen this happen as well (Samsung A70, Android 9 and 10), always at night when I put the phone down to listen while I go to sleep. PA is still the current app when I wake the screen, but playback has just paused for no reason that I can think of. However it's so infrequent (maybe once every month or two?) that I just quickly flick the screen on and off again and it works as normal from there onward. I guess next time it happens it might be worth sending a Log (Settings > Get Support > Send Log) but as it's always late at night I haven't really wanted to start using the phone in full-on mode. 


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Also, if some command received, Poweramp most probably will show it in the Last Processed Commands log.

If Poweramp complains it was killed - the reason is obvious. If that "was killed" dialog is disabled, then current song reset to 0:00 is indication of such killing. (On Samsungs this may happen too, requires checking Poweramp + Unlocker in non-battery-optimized apps list).

@UK_SPAWN Please see here:


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In my case at least, PA is not killed (no error messages, interface still running) and the music just pauses in place. Tapping the play icon restarts it.

It happens so infrequently that I've tended to just put it down to 'one of those bizarre things' but if it's happening to someone else too, next time it occurs I'll try to do some troubleshooting.  I'll also check commands log, didn't think to check that in case a spurious button press had been detected from my headset cable.


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Glad its not only me then.

I have added the unlocker to the exclusion list too. see if that helps.
Like Andy said its just paused the song not killed/restarted.

Its not very often and i have a workaround so its not so bad just thought id report it.

Cheers guys.

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