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Pinch Album Art to bring up a function (Customizable gesture)


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Hello beautiful audio lovers,

I think some sort of custom gestures has previously been requested in detail.

This request points directly to the action of attempting to pinch zoom the Album Art during player UI screen. You'd expect that by doing this action it would just expand the size f the album art to a fullscreen state which would be awesome.

Currently pinch zooming on the Album Art just jumps it's display size by a little before quickly reverting back to it's 'in situ' state.

Can I suggest that Pinch Zooming *inwards* and *outwards* be customizable in the future with the following customizable actions:

  1. Increase/decrease size of Album Art, custom zoom lengths right up to fullscreen (much like a Gallery app)
  2. Info/Tags window
  3. Lyrics
  4. Toggle Visualization on/off
  5. Sleep Timer
  6. Toggle EQ preset


Personally I'd like to set it to bring up the Info/Tags pop-up window. Would be amazing.




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