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New phone, plays 1st track of each album, nothing else

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I switched yesterday to a OnePlus 8 Pro from Samsung S8+

Poweramp worked flawlessly on my Samsung, and I also have it running on my Fiio M11.  On my OnePlus though, I cannot figure out why, but it only plays the first song of each album.  Hitting next brings me to the next album, 1st title, and so on. Waiting for the song to end, it goes to the next album also.  Any clue?  (repeat and shuffle are both off)

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Ok after scratching my head for hours, double and triple checking each options...  i finally had a lightbulb moment... I'll leave my issue and answer here in case someone ever ends up with the same trouble...

I was in song list mode instead of album mode.

<insert picard facepalm meme here>



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