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Individual List Options for different Folder Hierarchies


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Dear Max & the Poweramp forum, 

Firstly, I would like to say that Poweramp has been my go-to music player app years and years to come, and I really greatly appreciate the work that has been and will be done.

I am a music lover, and I sort my music by folders - playlists, albums, etc. One thing that bugged me after expanding my offline music collection is that the list options for folders are universal. So if I sort my playlists in alphabetical order, and then go into an album folder, the tracks within the album folder will be also sorted by alphabetical order. However, I like to listen to albums in tracks order, so I would have to click manually on the list options and change everything back, it's really a hassel when I go back and forth from folders. (I have attached screenshots to show this) It would be great if we can get an option to save list options specifically for differet folders, so that it is a lot easier to sort to music libraries.

Thanks, cw 😀

Screenshot link (g drive): 



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List Options are individual to each Catgeory, as are the song-level options. So the order you select for Folders is different to that for Albums, etc. Playlists don't have a sort order as their sequence is alredy defined in each list (although you can Re-Sort any playlist at will).


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Ah, I see what you mean. You are asking for a separate List Options sorting order selection for every different folder.

The solution I use is to name my folders and files so they sort the way I want them to with path/filename sorting. So each song file in any given album would be prefixed by its two-digit track number, but other files that I want sorted alphabetically don't have prefix numbers. The same with folders, if I want to force an order I put numbers at the front of the folder names so they show in the right order. For example my top-level folders are named in this kind of manner:

1 Podcasts
2 Films
3 TV
4 Music
5 Radio
6 Disney Park Music


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