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YouTube Music integration

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Hello Poweramp forum,

I'm 99.99% certain that various streaming service requests have been made over the years on this forum.

With the droves of Google Play Music users like myself currently porting their playlists over to YouTube Music it would be nice if YTM integration could be thought of.

I'm doubtful there is any API out there for YTM, so I'm just throwing the hat in the ring to see what could be done.

It would be awesome to be able to access and play my YTM songs within Poweramp and enjoy all the powerful effects of Poweramp bestowed upon my streamed music.

Even if it wasn't 'true' streaming but queuing and cache the protected music files on SD card that would still be fine.







Well if a map app like Waze can do it, then... 😁



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On 12/29/2020 at 11:56 AM, maxmp said:

There is no official API and apps using non-official APIs for streaming (violating TOS/copyright) are banned from Play.

Is there a way to play downloaded songs if I have YTM Premium? I dont need to stream. Id like to listen to the songs I've downloaded through Poweramp Music Player and have access to EQ settings without having to run both YTM and Poweramp EQ and having to switch between apps to change the sound and change the song.


Thanks in advance,


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1 hour ago, RobFigaroBK said:

Is there a way to play downloaded songs if I have YTM Premium?

No, downloaded songs from YTM/Spotify and such official apps are stored in encrypted files in your device, so they can not be played on Poweramp. You could try downloading songs in a playable format (mp3, aac, ogg) using third party tools such as youtube-dl. 

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Many of the commercial music streaming services don't really have a proper "download" feature, it's more of a "cache for offline use" option where the cached audio is not meant to be available outside of their own app. Sometimes this may be contractual, other times it's just to keep you locked inside their own digital ecosystem. Some companies such as Amazon allow you to purchase digital media for use outside of their own programs, but that's not normally a feature of streaming services.

As @John Titor said though, there are often other ways... 😉


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Discord has begun testing youtube integration only weeks after google bought youtube, took down 2 discord music bots. Integration has begun to surface in a small number of servers today as part of what looks to be a fresh test of a collaboration of discord-youtube on discord. It is particularly developed for youtube, allowing discord users to construct a playlist of videos by searching for or pasting urls from youtube. You may even enable a remote button which allows other members on discord to control the playback. Many people use https://loader.to to download videos or music from youtube.

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