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YouTube Music integration

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Hello Poweramp forum,

I'm 99.99% certain that various streaming service requests have been made over the years on this forum.

With the droves of Google Play Music users like myself currently porting their playlists over to YouTube Music it would be nice if YTM integration could be thought of.

I'm doubtful there is any API out there for YTM, so I'm just throwing the hat in the ring to see what could be done.

It would be awesome to be able to access and play my YTM songs within Poweramp and enjoy all the powerful effects of Poweramp bestowed upon my streamed music.

Even if it wasn't 'true' streaming but queuing and cache the protected music files on SD card that would still be fine.







Well if a map app like Waze can do it, then... ūüėĀ



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I'm sure Max will know the ins and outs of this, but the two example you quote seem to be merely a set of buttons that form an extra control interface for the existing YouTube player, rather than apps that play the source material for themselves.


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