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How does Poweramp handle 5.1 audio?


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I have a large collection of 5.1 albums. How does Poweramp handle 5.1 audio? Does it atomically downmix it to stereo before sending it to the DAC? Does it send all 5.1 channels to the DAC without downmixing to stereo?


The reason why I ask is because my phone(LG V35) has DTS:X. From how I understand it, DTS:X simulates surround sound through headphones. These simulated surround sound effects can be very effective in simulating a real 5.1 setup through headphones. They work best, though, when given a true 5.1 source. So that's why I'm wondering if the phone's DAC is receiving the full 5.1 source or a stereo downmix of it?

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