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Poweramp not working right after upgrading SD card


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I updated my SD card from 128GB to 256GB. Everything else seems to be OK, but Poweramp won't play the files on the card. All I've gotten is "can't play file - storage unmounted".

I've done the following:

Rescanned folders

Full rescan of folders

Uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp

Made sure Poweramp was granted storage permissions

All other players can play the files.

What's going on?  I really like Poweramp, but this is getting frustrating...has anyone else resolved this issue?

One more thing...Poweramp can at least see the folders. But when I select them and then go back to the folders selection dialog, select my music folder, and go back to the folders selection dialog, the check box is unchecked. It's like it sees the folders but doesn't want to access them. But the file permissions were granted. Smh...

EDIT: I put the original card in and everything is OK. The cards are both Samsung EVO. Does Poweramp have a SD card size limitation in android?


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256GB SD Cards (or bigger) should be fine as long as the device supports them.

You would definitely need to check that the new card appears in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders though, and that the folder which contains your music is ticked. Permissions could also be an issue, but you say you've checked that. You may then need to request a FULL Rescan in PA to clear out the old entries which no longer exist (as Android will have given your new SD Card a new absolute path name).

Uninstall/reinstall can still pick up you original settings and database from Google's cloud backup system, so might also be worth doing that followed by a Clear App Data to ensure you are really starting with a clean slate.


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