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Problem recognising track skip buttons


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Hello, I bought poweamp to use it into my car head unit but I have a small issue. The next/prev wheel buttons work correctly when the app is showed on screen but they don't work anymore while the head unit is on launcher or showing other apps. I'm attaching the screenshot of last processed commands after pressing the next button. I've already set Poweramp as default player into system settings.

I tried to install musicxmatch and using it as player the remote buttons work correctly even on the launcher. 

Thank you




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Hello the screen is from when the app was in foreground and the button worked correctly. If I press the media button when the app is playing on background and then I open the last processed commads it does not show the command I pressed. It is strange that Musicxmatch instead detects them even in background

I'm not sure if it can be useful but Poeweramp reacts correctly to the launcher's gui buttons (i'm using agama car launcher )

I have already garanted "display over other apps" and "modify system settigns" app permissions

Thank you

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I was already trying with musixmatch unistalled, I recorded a short clip to show this behaviour. The only difference between the two player is that musixmatch app asks for the “Notification Access" permission.


I can't even grant that permission to PA because it's not shown into the "notification access" app list. (I mean  App & Notifications /  Advanced / Special app access / Notification access. I also tried on my phone)


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@Jack07 Poweramp doesn't need notification access permission as it doesn't "Read" other apps notifications.

You can check how Poweramp processes headsets (and similar, e.g. lockscreen or bluetooth) commands in Poweramp Settings / Headset/Bluetooth / Last Processed Commands. If nothing appears there when you click buttons - system doesn't send events to the app, but events can be also ignored due to some settings or due to other causes.


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