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Volume buttons

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Hi friends,

Congratz regarding V 2.0.

I have two questions/requests:

Is it possible that you remove the standard function of the volume buttons?

There is an app called Minesweeper (the game with the mines).

The newest version of that games changes the volume buttons so that you can use them for other games.

I thought it might be possible that Poweramp can also change their functions.

The standard Android volume bar is pretty lame because it is too inaccurate.

Poweramp 2 features much better volume control.

If the volume buttons could control Poweramp's volume, it would be great.

There is also a tool called "Fine Volume Control 2".

You can check that too.

I'm not sure if you devs can benefit from such programs in case you're able to see the source code.

The other question:

Is that new volume bar in Poweramp 2 the same as the master equalizer?

If I press the volume buttons so that the lame android volume control comes up, I see that the volume bar of Poweramp changes too.

So if I change the Poweramp volume bar myself (without the buttons) it looks like I can change the volume very accurately.

Is this really true or just fake?^^

P.S. My cellphone: Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 2.3.4.


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