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Poweramp for Android TV


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I have installed the non-Google Play trial Poweramp-v3-build-874-uni.apk in an Android TV Box (Xiaomi Mi Box S running Android 9) to play music from an external disc attached to the Android Box.

Poweramp is working fine in the Android TV Box, except the navigation, mainly in the library, that requires a mouse for displacements and selections. It is not possible to navigate on the library with the remote control of the Android Box. Also in some points of the interface.

The app is not available in the Google Play of the Android TV Box (“this version is not available for your device”). So it must be dowloaded directly from the Poweramp site and installed in the Android Box. The same to buy the full version.

The request is for a version of Poweramp suited for Android TV.

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+1, this has the possibility to be incredibly useful when Max will publish the streaming services feature that he talked about here:

On 6/4/2020 at 2:38 PM, maxmp said:

Not exactly. There are apps in the works (alpha-to-beta stages) which can provide tracks from some streaming services (deezer, soundclould, and some other region specific services) to Poweramp. Nevertheless such integration requires some public (or, at least, reverse engineered) APIs, and those are limited.

Poweramp itself just provides API which allows such tracks in Poweramp library/categories/folders.



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